Uganda Skateboard Society is a local community of skateboarders from Uganda providing access to skateboarding materials and DIY skateparks. Funky Flies LLC has donated 100 custom skateboards to their organization.


Created, Mixed & Mastered by: JEDI RYDAR




A revolution has hatched.

Our world has been poisoned by the waste of apes and whales who have become perversely cross-bred into one of the same.

From the feces and carcasses of fallen gorillas, kittens, doodles and doges hatches a force far superior. A swarm of deceptively small creatures with a killer bite.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the swarm has arisen to take on the goliaths that have overtaken our world.

We’re here to stay, and we’re hungry.

Why Flies, Why Funky?

Ryk & Johnie spent some time researching and buying into other NFT projects, and wanted to create something that could cohabitate with anything and everything, and live anywhere. We give you the Funky Flies LLC!

Hand Made NFT Art

Each of the 125+ Funky Fly NFT traits are hand drawn by Liza and hand colored by Johnie.


To catch your Funky Flies after mint is complete, you can trap them on OpenSea.

Rarity Generation

There are a total of 7,777 Funky Fly NFTs in this collection and 7 of these are 1 of 1 SUPER RARE Funky Flies that will earn their owners 1 ETH each for simply minting! Each fly is randomly generated the moment you send a transaction and based on rarity settings we took a ton of time to establish.

Buzzing Community

Rasta & Gice have been working together for 20+ years and Liza & Gice for 10+ years, so we wanted to bring our team connections to a community based around our exceptionally detailed art! Our team is very proud of this product, and want everyone to share in our excitement! JOIN DISCORD TO GET FUNKY FLY!


Reward Token: FFLY
Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 1Billion

The Team


Founder, Web Designer,
Artist & Project Manager




Crypto & NFT Expert, Marketing

Road Map Completed!

• Website & Socials Created
• Generate Funky Flies art test runs
• Set ‘community based’ mint date
• Drop Sneak Peeks into socials 
• Quizzes in discord for WHITELIST spots 
• Host Twitter Spaces several times a week for prizes and WHITELIST spots
• Establish colab’s and partners for ongoing marketing and promotion 
• Step up pre-minted marketing with reviews and media formats
• Daily AMA’s to discuss the direction of the project
• Feedback with social members and users on extra utility for ERC20 token! 
• Final generative run, final art for Funky Flies and rarity specifics put into place.
• Smart contracts deployment and 7,777 Funky Flies come to the blockchain! FEB 14, 2022!
• Reveal Feb 16th!
• At full mint and reveal all FF holders who hold the 7/77/777/7777 and randomly picked FF will be given their 1 ETH winnings!
• Submit ff to all rarity sites! See how they rank your Funky Flies based on its unique traits and props.
• Announce our ERC20 token name and its full utility, used for DAO – community steers project.
• Fly Market! New ERC20 token allows for website Merch purchases and is a deflationary token that adds liquidity to its own contract, additionally portions of open sea sales will be placed as liquidity into the token!
• Let the fly token auto stake for you just by holding it!
• Announce & Airdrop (and selling) of the Fly Spray & Funky Fly Traps to random holders based on holding 4+ Funky Flies. See Fly Mutations for more info.
• Setup smart contracts for Fly Spray and Funky Fly Traps so your Funky Flies can mutate into the Mutant Funky Flies (MFF).
• Launch Mutant Funky flies on OpenSea.

• Continue high end marketing and work with artist for new NFT collection and phase!

The Fly Spray & Funky Fly Traps are going to allow Funky Flies holders to mutate their Flies!! The Fly Spray NFT will allow you to combine with one Funky Fly and mutate it. After one use, your OG Funky Fly remain in your wallet, the Fly Spray used will be burned and you are left with your OG FFLY + Mutant Funky Fly! 

The Fly Spray & Funky Fly Traps are going to allow Funky Flies holders to mutate their Flies!! The Funky Fly Trap works the same way as the spray, except, this NFT will allow the user to mint 7 Mutant Funky Flies while burning the Funky Fly Trap and your OG FFLY remains in your wallet!!