You Own full commercial rights

When you purchase an OG Funky Fly or Mutant Funky Fly NFT, the art is completely yours. Funky Flies LLC will never use your FLY on any merchandise without the proper compensation. Whether you want to print it, sell merchandise, wrap a vehicle, make stickers or make it your very own tattoo. You own all commercial rights!!

As part of our ROAD MAP 2.0 we will be launching a tool that will allow our NFT holders to connect their wallets, verify the Funky Fly NFTs they own, and it will allow them to download a HI REZ PNG of their NFT, without the background!! Let's face it, the art has much more use without the background! But you can also download the full NFT from OpenSea as well, just click the NFT image and download the larger version from the pop up!


You can now download your OG FLY or MUTANT FLY NFT with a white background to make it easier to use!! Give it time to load your NFTs and you can toggle the background ON and OFF to download the PNG. CONNECT WALLET and give it a try: